Bass Tuition and Tech Tuition

Make homepage stand out exactly it is what I'm offering. Eg Bass Tuition and Tech Tuition words on the First page with photo. Zoom in on the photo or take new ones depending on quality. have these separate and separate portfolios include videos in the studio you know Friendly hi everyone and demonstrate the parts of the songs I have worked on. Explain more content in the before and after.


Newhampton Arts centre 3rd May 2018

Matthew is a bass guitarist teacher Grades 1-5, in the area of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.  He can teach lessons including guitar lessons of classic songs, Technology Tutorials including Pro Tools and Logic Pro X or Matthew also offers mixing services in a professional studio.
This Site is dedicated to showing his latest skills and work. 

If you are just starting out beginners are welcome or looking to stretch your bass guitar skills or need technical help drop your number/name below and Matthew will get back to you... 

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